Maladaptive Bind (Novel Edition) Now Available

I published Maladaptive Bind (Novel Edition) last Thursday, October 3rd. I’ve delayed in posting the announcement on my blog to allow some time for the book to appear where it needs to and to smooth out some glitches. You can buy the print book through my CreateSpace store or on, or the ebook on Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes, and Smashwords.

I’m sorting out a glitch with the Kobo store that appears to have frozen my book title while in the process of “publishing” it, and Amazon appears to have linked the first edition novelette of Maladaptive Bind (which is no longer available) with the print book in the ebook store, so the unavailable and outdated novelette is the first thing to appear in search engines (which is really annoying). I’m also not sure if Amazon’s Matchbook program, in which I was hoping to allow those who buy the print book a significant discount on the Kindle book, is working due to the way the book is currently linked to the novelette edition. Grr…. But I’m hoping to have these issues resolved within the next week.

It’s all in the experiment of independent publishing, I suppose. 🙂

If you haven’t yet, please stop by any of the links above and, if you feel so inclined, pick up a copy for yourself in favorite reading platform.