Now Available: “Blood Oath: An Orc Love Story”

Blood Oath: An Orc Love story ebook and paperback editions are now officially available on Amazon!

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(The paperback and ebook editions should be linked on Amazon within about a week).

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Also, I highly recommend getting the paperback. Why? The full cover wrap is gorgeous, and there’s nothing quite like the crisp feel of paper in your hands. Plus, if you purchase a copy and bring it to FanX in two weeks, I can sign it!

Another reason to get the paperback: I’ve set up Blood Oath in a Kindle MatchBook deal, so if you buy the paperback on Amazon, you can get the ebook for free. I know, I know, unless you have AmazonPrime, one paperback will probably cost as much as three ebooks combined after shipping…BUT, if you’re a fan of hard copies, I want to make it super easy for you to get a digital copy in addition at no extra cost. Another idea: get the paperback as a gift and keep the free digital copy for yourself.

MatchBook, baby: buy Blood Oath in paperback, get the ebook free! (**It’ll probably take Amazon about a week to link the ebook and paperback editions. Matchbook works retroactively, however, so you can get the paperback now and your free ebook later.)

Want more information?

Here’s the story synopsis:

On a perilous journey to hide a sacred and powerful stone, the young orc Ripliancum comes across his betrothed, Zehra, wounded on the battlefield. After being mauled by a scavenger dragon, Zehra has only hours left to live—unless Ripliancum can get her to the sage enclave in time to counter the dragon’s venom.

Ripliancum hasn’t seen Zehra in three years. While he loves Zehra with all his heart, he knows that the war ravaging their world has changed them both. As Ripliancum races against time to save his beloved, he must wrestle with the demons of his own past and decide whether to be true to his heart or true to his oath to protect the amulet.

Genre: Fantasy
Available as of April 3rd, 2014 in ebook and paperback exclusively on Amazon and CreateSpace.