Book Review: “Whispers of the Goddess”

David J. West traded me a copy of his novella “Whispers of the Goddess” at Westercon a few weeks ago for a copy of “Blood Oath,” and I had the opportunity to read it this evening.

One of the main characters, Tyr, is the Indiana Jones of Crusade times. This novella and two short stories follow his warrior exploits, from retrieving a relic in medieval Constantinople, to a street chase in Andalusia, to a race to claim an island for himself and his two sons near his native “Northland.” Descriptions are punchy and the action is relentless. Though the stories are highly speculative, the settings, political-religious meshing, and other attention to details make for a fascinating glimpse into some of what the world was like during medieval times beneath a break-neck, fun ride. I enjoyed this, and recommend the read to anyone with a free afternoon looking for an adventure-filled escape.

You can find this novella here on Amazon.