Review: “The Curious Leaf”

“The Curious Leaf: An Adventure in Wishing” by Danyelle Leafty is the story of a flower who always wanted wings, and a fairy who always wanted to be a flower.

I’ve corresponded with Danyelle online and was invited to read this work. I’ve seen her other children’s stories, but this is the first time I was able to finally sit down and read one.

This is a cute story, short and sweet. The exploration of the flower, Kya’s, magical “greenlife” plant world was charming and intriguing. It was fun to see how this author handled the flower’s ability to communicate, experience sensations, physically express feelings, and ultimately…change. Danyelle has created a beautiful little world, full of wonder and curiosity. Very creative. Delightful.

I enjoyed this.

You can get your own Kindle copy here on Amazon.