Writing in My Car

I was sitting alone in my car for some quiet writing time on Saturday when I had a little surprise encounter with nature. BYU campus is right at the base of the Wasatch mountains, and wild deer often come down to wander the grounds in search of green things to munch on. It always amazes me how graceful and ghostly quiet these creatures are. I find it a treat to spot one before it sees me and dashes away. This gal looked a bit lean but acted alert and healthy/normal otherwise. It made my solitary day a little bit brighter and less lonely.

And yes, I do write in my car sometimes. 🙂

It’s nice when the weather isn’t too hot or too cold. I know no one is likely to bother me there (unless they text me), and I can get out for a little walk in the weather when I need a break.

It’s also convenient if I want to read my manuscripts out loud and I don’t want anyone to ask me what the heck is going on with that weird scary story…Mwahaha!

Happy first week of May!

May is my favorite month. The earth is alive. The days are warm and the daylight is still growing. One thing I like best about May is that BYU campus, where I often like to go to be alone, is totally empty and totally quiet for the first couple weeks after graduation festivities. Life, sunlight, and quiet are beautiful things.