Review: Defenders of the Covenant

Defenders of the Covenant is about four teenagers who leave the security of their underground colony and unexpectedly find themselves battling to free humanity from the grip of pig-like alien invaders called Nebkiriven.

I love Angie’s creativity.  She weaves LDS characters, and their religious habits of praying and seeking spiritual guidance, into a story about rebelling against a hostile alien takeover. I’ve never read anything like this. And it is just. So. Cool!

The alien technology was intriguing. I loved the details about the overskins the Nebkiriven use to control their human slaves, from the artificial superhuman abilities the technology provides to the very freaky fact that it shaves off all the hair on a person’s body immediately when it is installed. The overskin technology added tension to the story that heightened the suspense and made me squirm–just a little. I really enjoyed this particular element.

Angie’s post-apocalyptic world had enough peril to keep me turning the pages, yet was gentle enough to agree with a PG audience. Her vision of the future is ultimately one filled with wonder, hope, and faith.

I recommend this to readers of general LDS fiction, to readers of science fiction, and to readers from the realm of YA looking for something fun and unique.

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