Review: “Bottomless” and “Of Firebirds and Frost”

I received advanced reading copies of Danyelle Leafty’s Of Firebirds and Frost along with its companion short story “Bottomless.” I’m delighted to share these stories with my readers today.

Of Firebirds and Frost

Of Firebirds and Frost continues where Of Wind and Winter left off. The Baba Yaga and her two sisters are up to their terrible mischief once more. The heart of Winter keeps Aneira alive after her sacrifice in book one, but she is unable to leave the magical realm of the elements to return to her family. When Aneira sneaks into their cottage to find a charm that will take her home, away from the enchanted confines of Winter’s palace, she stumbles upon a thief named Lyralind and the trap the three Babas Yaga have set for her. In exchange for the things each desires–freedom of the firebird in the witches’s possession and Aneira’s chance to visit her family’s home once more (the latter is technically a free gift, but with the Babas Yaga one is never certain of the cost)–Aneira and Lyralind must steal a new firebird egg from Summer’s realm and bring a girl the three witches wish to make their apprentice.

There are lots of fun new characters, including a dragon and more of the elements. This is a delightful tale for all ages.

This story comes out August 20 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle.


“Bottomless” is the backstory of Lyralind’s character, and her journey to put things right after her plans to steal a magic apple go awry. The Lord and Lady of Skye have fallen into a deep sleep, and the monsters they guarded could endanger the world if they get loose.

This companion short story is filled with the same imaginative worldbuilding that carries Leafty’s writing so well. The characters are sympathetic, and the storytelling is magical.

Dive into “Bottomless” on Amazon Kindle.