Meet Janae C. Stubbs

One of the most supportive people in my writing career has been Janae Stubbs. I’ve known her since the sixth grade, when she went by Janae Card, and have somehow managed to keep in contact with her over the years. She is a wife and a proud mother of two fantastic, amusing children, whom she posts about almost daily in her personal social media.

Janae is one of my heroes. There have been many instances when she’s taken time out of her busy life to read both my unfinished manuscripts and my stories in print.

She has gone out of her way not just to offer feedback and reviews, but to praise my efforts privately and make me feel good about myself. She also baked me a cake and cookies when I had my wisdom teeth out and foot surgery respectively in high school. She came to my grandmother’s funeral. She was an important part of my adolescent social life, and is still an active part of my current online social life. This woman is also really, really smart (she graduated from BYU in physics education). I love Janae. She is an amazing friend and human being, and I wanted to take the opportunity to draw attention to some of her writing that is available online.

I had the opportunity to read and help out on an early draft of a college study guide called The Best and Shortest Study Book Ever, which Janae currently has available on Amazon. This is a great resource for students entering college for the first time, and those who could use some ideas on how to prepare for classes, focus, take notes, balance time and priorities, and use learning resources effectively. If you’re looking for a guide on how to study and make the most of your learning experience, this is well worth your while. (I’m actually rather mortified that I’ve neglected to post an Amazon review until today).

You can check out her awesome study book here:

Janae is also a columnist at the Nauvoo Times, where she posts once monthly about everyday experiences of faith and growth. Her most recent article is called “Most Embarassing Moment Ever.” That header alone is a good excuse to check it out.

You can find the article here:

Or see the full list of articles she has written here:

Thank you, Janae, for all the awesomeness that is you, and God bless!