Listening Recommendation: Lore Podcast by Aaron Mahnke

I haven’t listened to podcasts for a while, as my Audible subscription keeps me pretty busy and happy. A friend of mine at work discovered one he really liked this summer called Lore. Knowing I write horror, he recommended it to me. When my other friends at work started listening as well, I finally decided to check it out so I could join in on their discussions. I downloaded the first five episodes and took a listen on my way up to Salt Lake Comic Con a couple weeks ago.

Lore Podcast explores urban legends, weird accounts, and dark figures from history, blending enough facts and commentary on human nature with myth to create haunting narratives that will get under your skin just a little bit. Like chocolate-covered bacon, I devoured one episode after another because I couldn’t decide if I liked this…or not. The podcast was definitely effective at creeping me out. I love it for the storytelling, and I can’t wait for the next episode!

I also wanted to highlight this podcast today because it appears Aaron Mahnke, the creator of Lore Podcast, is an indie author, much like myself. Many independent authors I know dabble in home podcasting as a way to spread the word about their self-published or small-press fiction while offering a unique sample of their creative sweat and advice for free. I admire these people for being brave enough to put their work and their ideas out there in yet another medium for people to praise or criticize as they will.

For an indie podcast, Lore’s narration and production are fabulous, incorporating eerie background music to set the perfect spine-tingling atmosphere. I do think some episodes of this podcast are better organized and better polished than others, and I think some listeners who are more familiar with these urban legends and creeps from history than I am wish the episodes delved a little deeper or revealed something more novel. That said, and like I said, I love it for the storytelling. This appears to be an experiment in self-marketing and personal brand expansion that has really taken off, and I hope this podcaster-author continues to do amazingly well. Lore is free, and it’s wicked entertaining.

If you’re into creepy stories, or you’re looking for something to indulge in during the month of October, there are currently sixteen episodes available and they’re well worth your listening time.

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