Thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens

My friends from work convinced me to see a 3 AM showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Friday morning. I’ve loved Star Wars since I was a kid, and for anything I’d be crazy enough to go to at 3AM, it was this.

Loved this movie! I love the new lead characters, Finn and Rey. Finn is the kind of Milgram experiment defier we all yearn to be. The character Rey is a kick-butt girl-power heroine, yet genuine without angst or guile. She has an effective and dynamic character weakness of childhood trauma that creates a potential conflict that could pull her to the dark side (psychological writer that I am, I thought this was the coolest part of the story). So, so cool!

There are female stormtroopers! I would have caught that if I’d paid better attention to the advertising including Captain Phasma.

I’m reminded that Star Wars is such a rich universe, and there’s a lot of room for character development that I’m sure will come in future movies. Loved the return of classic characters Han Solo, Lea, Luke, C3PO, and the new BB-8 droid. Special effects are, of course, fabulous while keeping the retro 70’s sci-fi feel of the original series. I love the sounds of tie-fighters screaming through space, the blut-blut of laser weapons, and the bass-electric hum-sizzle of lightsabers. Chewey’s crossbow blows things up pretty spectacularly as well. The John Williams score was also amazing, of course. Lovely new themes entwined with the classic old. I particularly enjoy Rey’s theme:

And Scherzo for X-Wings:


If you haven’t seen this movie yet…do!

Go watch it! Now! And may the Force be with you!