Book Review: Consequence by C.R. Langille

Cody Langille is the key organizer of the Utah chapter of the Horror Writers Association. I kept running into him at various conventions last year, where he manned the UHWA booth. He told me about the HWA, and I have him largely to thank for my decision to join. It is with great pleasure that I share my thoughts on his book Consequence.

Tobias Warner of Salt Lake City, Utah leaves his family for a hunting trip. He soon discovers, however, that his buddies have been possessed and transformed by evil forces into terrible creatures, and that he has peculiar powers they want on their side. Back home, Linda, his wife, Sebastian, his son, and his father run into a paranormal investigator trying to restore order as their world unravels into supernatural chaos. In the end, Tobias faces losing his family to the evil forces driving the apocalypse, or losing his soul by drawing on the unnatural abilities he’s been resisting to save them.

This book is a gory, bizarre, action-packed adventure that fans of horror–and the Salt Lake Valley–will enjoy. Langille’s apocalyptic tale taps into the human compulsion to defend those closest to us in heart and blood, and those we most fear to lose: our family. In the words oft repeated by his characters, “You Reap What You Sew.” So, be careful what you sew…you might reap destruction!

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