Thoughts on FanX 2016

I love going to these conventions, and find that I grow more and more with each one that I have the honor and privilege to participate in as a guest on panels and as a vendor. For all those who came to the panels on “Real Science in Sci-Fi Literature and Film” and “Science in the Universe of H.P. Lovecraft,” whether you were drawn to listen to me, or to the other wonderful panelists you knew, or to the subject matter, thank you for your interest and enthusiasm. I hope you gleaned some worthwhile information from the discussions, and that you had a good experience at FanX overall.

To my fellow Xchyler-published author family, and the many authors I know and got to know at this convention, thank you for your friendship, understanding, and inclusiveness. I love seeing and collaborating with you at these events, and look forward to more encounters in the future.

I didn’t take many pictures this time, but there were some very cool costumes. (To keep a promise, here is a shout out to Saori Cosplay for letting me take a picture with them in their incredible Alien costumes featured below).

You can see more of my convention photos on my Facebook author page under the “#FANX16 Album”: