After World Horror

I wanted to keep my thoughts short this time. The World Horror Convention in Provo has come and gone. It was nice for me to attend this conference as it was hosted so close to my home, and I had a good time reading, paneling, squealing excitedly about Redneck Eldritch with other contributing authors, and connecting. I had some nice chats with Julie Frost, Jason A. Anderson, Jason King, and David J. West. It was awesome to get to know the reps of Muzzleland Press, as well as the the creepily creative artists of Metallic Visions and Monsterhedz.

Robert J Defendi, Eric Holmes, thanks for listening to Dave Butler and me during our reading!

Mike Arnzen, it was very entertaining watching you juggle my swag brains at the book signing.

Sanford Allen, Keith Thompson it was cool to meet you during the panel on H. P. Lovecraft.

Paul Genesse, Kevin J. Anderson, DawnRay Ammon, Carter and Kelli Reid, Nathan Shumate, Steve Diamond, Bethany Hanks, Johnny Worthen, Michaelbrent Collings, Dave Butler, Eric Swedin, Scott Forman, Cody Langille, it was good to see you all and catch up with some of you!

To Victoria Price…we noticed you looked a little lonely over at your booth, and we’re sorry more of us vendors didn’t come talk to you. But we’re glad you came for a while.

Dr. Michael Collings, congratulations on receiving the Grand Master Award this year! And it is always a pleasure to talk to you.

Dan Wells, thanks for letting me fangirl over you a bit! It was cool to say hi as a fellow vendor and horror writer, and I’m looking forward to reading your next John Cleaver book.

And thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard, to the Utah HWA chapter for giving horror writers a presence here in our state, and the dedicated writers and artists who came from near and far to attend the convention. Though it was lightly attended, I hope you all made some new friends.

And for anyone I may have missed, I apologize–I enjoyed your company too.

To see more photos that I took at the World Horror Convention in Provo, check out my Facebook album here: