Review: Writers of the Future Volume 32

I love the stories in this anthology! There’s quite a range in style and variety, all of them intriguing in their own way, and that’s what I always love about the Writers of the Future works. I’ve enjoyed these stories and highly recommend this collection to aspiring writers and lovers of sci-fi and fantasy alike.

I want to highlight “Cry Havoc” by Julie Frost in particular. I know Julie from various Utah conventions and conferences over the years, and am delighted to see her make it into this collection after so much hard work and persistence submitting to the Writers of the Future contests. I’ve been meaning to keep a promise to write a formal review of her story (or, at least, the anthology) for a while.

“Cry Havoc” is a tale of revenge and redemption through the eyes of a werewolf named Nate who has seen the last of his pack mates taken out by a hunter’s silver bullet. Hunters and werewolves have a special kind of feud that the law turns a blind eye to, and Nate goes on a killing spree to wipe out the people he views as a threat to his existence–with one very clever twist of events that unfolds right at the end. This story sets a tone that is both intense and full of heart. It was unique and so much fun to read. I can only imagine that Julie’s full-length novel Pack Dynamics carries on her fabulous storytelling style with the werewolves she writes best.

Congratulations Julie! And to all the authors in this collection–great work. Your voices are all so different and I’m excited to see what else you all come out with as your careers flourish.

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