Another Great Event: Salt Lake Comic Con 2016

Writing Science Fiction Panel, Photo courtesy of Scott Taylor

I had a blast this year at Salt Lake Comic Con. It’s become a highlight event that I look forward to as an author going to conventions all year long, and I’m really so honored to have been a part of this again. I was on some fantastic panels with amazing people who all brought their own skills, weirdness, and awesome to make for interesting and fun discussions about science fiction, creativity, and horror. Thank you to my fellow panelists for your preparation and fabulous personalities. Thank you to everyone who came–I hope you enjoyed our panels as much as we enjoyed sharing our knowledge and making attempts to be entertaining. (I loved throwing brains to the hard-core fans who came at the very end of the con to the Mass Consumption of Brains! panel. You guys had amazing energy after a long three days, and it was fantastic to share the room with you.)

It was so nice to reconnect with people I know: Angie Lofthouse, Lisa Mangum, Michael Rupp, Dave Butler, Dave Doering, James Wymore, Jason King, Holli Anderson, Bob Defendi, Nathan Croft, Julie Frost, Johnny Worthen, Eric Swedin, DawnRay Ammon, and so many more. It was great to get to know other authors and experts better through panels, like Charlie Pulsipher (Have you seen his mini paper sculptures? They’re amazing!), Shannen Camp (who pulled off a really cool Star Wars cosplay all weekend), Callie Stoker, Brian Durfee, and Kristyn Crow to name just a few.

Thank you to all my friends, and even family, who stopped by the booth to say hi, and to all the cool people who came to chat with me and ask me questions after my panels. I hope you had an amazing experience at this convention.

Finally, a really big thank you to the convention organizers and staff volunteers for pulling off another great convention. There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, and none of us in attendance could have enjoyed this amazing experience without all that you do.

Thanks to all for another great year at Salt Lake Comic Con!

For any of my blog readers interested in seeing more of my pictures from Salt Lake Comic Con this year, check out my photo album here on my Facebook page: