September Updates

While I haven’t had a chance to post as often on the blog this month, I wanted to check in and say things are going great. I’m currently spending much of my time researching and preparing to apply to graduate schools, which will probably be the case for the next couple of months as well. I’m really excited to send another round of applications out. I’ve been wanting to go to grad school for a long time, and would be delighted to continue my schooling if that opportunity works out for next year.

In the writing sphere, my story, “The Armadillo’s Song,” is coming out in the Windows Into Hell anthology next month, October 24th! This will by my second fiction publication this year, and it’s been a really fun project to be a part of. I can’t wait for you all to read what we’ve come up with. If you are so inclined, feel free to add it to your to-read shelf on Goodreads:

I have a couple of short stories out on submission still, and I’m also still working on a couple of novels–including one with orcs! I’m taking things a bit more slowly right now, to make sure I devote the attention I need to grad school application stuff, but I’m hoping to finish my orc novel by the end of this year, and see what happens in terms of publication from there.

Enjoy the crisp fall weather!

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