January Updates

I will be closing my GoFundMe campaign for field school tonight. Thank you so much again to everyone who donated!

I had several donors who made their names public during both segments of my campaign, and I want to thank them publicly as well. To Kevin Nielson, Angie Lofthouse, Craig Wilson, and Isaac Monsalvo who donated over the January 7th-8th campaign; and to John Olsen, Rachael Moore, and Marie Stirk, thank you for your contributions. I extend that thanks to my anonymous donors as well. Your support means so much to me, and I am grateful for your compassion as well as your faith in me. Your encouragement and generosity have meant so much to me. I plan to post more about what’s happening with this trip here on my blog as things move forward.

Coming up February 16-18, I will be on three panels at the Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium in Provo. I couldn’t be more excited to be included in this amazing event once again! More details are coming soon.

I’m still working on stories, of course. I didn’t meet my goal of completing two novellas (or of writing two more book reviews, for that matter) in December. Life has been a little crazy the last two months. But I am working on one creepy wintery novella that I’m pretty excited about, and my orc novel is still in progress.

There are two stories I submitted to short story markets–one over a year ago, and the other about eight months ago. I’m hoping no news is good news, but I’ll keep you posted if anything exciting happens there.

I’m still waiting to hear back on my graduate school applications. I probably won’t start hearing back until about March, so I still have a little time to go before I know what will be happening in the fall.

To my fans and friends–follow your dreams, and keep writing!