Sciencing at the SAA Conference

Last week I presented my first official scientific poster at the Society for American Archaeology conference in Washinton DC. The poster featured the mentored research I did in Kenya last summer, studying how surface water flow impacts ancient lithic assemblages. It was an awesome opportunity, and it was fun to meet up with Koobi Fora researchers and students I hadn’t seen in person since last summer. It was also wonderful to rub shoulders with other archaeologists, to meet some of the people I’ll be seeing at UCL in the fall when I start my master’s program, to listen in on some podium talks featuring other scientists’ and students’ latest research, and to network.

I’m pretty proud of this poster, so I wanted to show off a picture of me presenting it at the conference. Special thanks to Jonathan Reeves, David Braun, Matthew Douglass, and Koobi Fora Field School for this research and presentation opportunity. 🙂