Dying Breath

Post Date: May 5, 2020


I shared this poem on my social media pages in March, a little before I was ready to dive back into my blog. I want to share it here on my blog at long last, while keeping most of the original message that accompanied the particular circumstances from March 17th. At that time, everything local—and global—began to shut down in response to the pandemic:

We live in interesting times, and interesting circumstances. I want to follow other creators at this time who are sharing their talents to lift others. I’m pleased to present “Dying Breath,” a poem I wrote a few years ago for Leading Edge Magazine Issue 67 3/4. You can also check out the magazine’s latest issues and support this fabulous student-run semi-prozine that fosters editing, design, writing, business, teamwork, and leadership skills training for its volunteers. Special thanks as well to Jess Johnson, who is a BYU Noteworthy alumnus and creator at Studio J Media, for the beautiful artwork commission that I’m using to showcase my poem through this independent release.

Some local businesses in my area have begun to cautiously open up again over the past week, and things are starting to look a little brighter and better. I hope you will find this poem and the artwork worth your while, in whatever circumstances you may find yourself when you come across it.