Review: Stonebearer’s Apprentice

Some spoilers***

In Jodi Milner’s second book from the Shadow Barrier Trilogy, main character Katira becomes better aquatinted with her powers as she trains in healing and defense capacities with her father. We also get more insight into the world of immortal Guardians, as well as the mechanisms of an etherial mirror realm where the main antagonist, Wrothe, is causing havoc. Katira’s love interest shifts from the boy she grew up with to a fellow Guardian-in-training, Isben. And key to the book’s plot, the character Wrothe has upped the ante of her attack on the Guardians. The demoness has been sending deadly Shadow Hounds through the barriers of her confines into the normal world. She is fierce in her efforts to trap hosts for her possession, and to escape her imprisonment so she can rule and reap destruction. She attempts to possess various hosts and kill Guardians through the help of a traitor Guardian, Master Ternan. Katira learns that she herself is more powerful than she ever realized, and her gutsy ventures into the mirror realm allow her to help other guardians who were on the brink of succumbing to the demon’s power.

I liked watching Katira grow into her powers and realize how important her strength is to the Guardians. I also liked watching her interact with her grieving Papan, who just lost his wife—the girl’s adoptive mother—at the end of the first book. This story is a fun continuation of Jodi’s fantasy adventure universe.

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