Gratitude for Good Friends Like You

Yesterday was my birthday. Yesterday was also special because President Russel M. Nelson of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints extended an invitation to turn our social media into our own gratitude journal for seven days, to offer personal prayers of thanks to God, and to draw closer to Jesus Christ. I am so pleased to join in flooding the world with gratitude for the season of Thanksgiving.

Today, I have greatly enjoyed the inundation of personal expressions from so many of my friends and contacts about the things they love, things that are beautiful to them, people whom they cherish, the trials they have overcome, the light they have found in the midst of heartache and loss, and appreciation for freedoms, privileges, and opportunities. I also appreciate the frankness of those who don’t feel they have stories to share right now because they‘re exhausted and simply need to know they are loved. And finally, it has been hugely gratifying to spend the day liking posts for just about everyone in my Facebook feed (I think it might be throwing off the advertising algorithms a little bit, lol). I’ve really enjoyed interacting with people I don’t normally interact with from my contacts. I love learning more about what’s personally meaningful and happy to others, whether they post a picture, three words, or three paragraphs!

I think there is wisdom in keeping things simple. Being sincere in expressing what’s most meaningful to us need not take more than a few heartfelt words or a kind gesture. I love all the expressions I’ve seen in the various forms they’ve taken as friends have joined in President Nelson’s invitation today. Because it brings me joy to tap into my creative side and push myself a little there, I want to try spending a few of the invitation days expressing my gratitude artistically. I had the time and energy last night to write this poem after receiving the invitation, and I have enjoyed sharing it across my platforms today.

Peace to you, and enjoy! #GiveThanks #GratitudeJournal #Poetry