Gratitude for Jesus Christ

I took this picture of a Bertel Thorvaldsen Christus statue replica at the Hyde Park chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in South Kensington, UK (2018). I attended church here on Sundays while I lived in England for a year. There was a Remembrance Day pageant that evening in the church’s cultural hall, so little red velvet poppy pins were arranged around the statue that people could take and wear.

To wrap up the gratitude journal challenge, I wanted to express that, more than anything else, I am grateful for Jesus Christ, and to have the Restored Gospel in my life. Even though I like to write scary fiction and acknowledge that human nature is complicated, I love the light and simplicity of the Gospel Plan that teaches we are children of God, and that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World. I’m grateful to know that I am a daughter of Heavenly Parents (as well as two pretty great earthly parents), that I have an opportunity to repent and grow when I make mistakes, and that I can be united with my family for eternity after death because of the sacrifice Jesus made out of love for us.

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