Gratitude for the Give Thanks Challenge

I said part of this in an earlier blog post at the beginning of the “gratitude challenge,” but wanted to post again now that I’m at the end of the challenge.

I have greatly enjoyed the inundation of personal expressions from so many of my friends and contacts who share my faith about the things they love, things that are beautiful to them, people whom they cherish, the trials they have overcome, the light they have found in the midst of heartache and loss, and appreciation for freedoms, privileges, and opportunities. I also appreciate the frankness of those who didn’t feel they had stories to share right now because they’re exhausted and simply needed to know they were loved. And finally, it has been hugely gratifying to spend seven days (and beyond!) liking posts for just about everyone who came up in my Facebook feed. (I think it might have thrown off the advertising algorithms a little bit, lol). I’ve really enjoyed interacting with people I don’t normally interact with from my contacts. I love learning more about what’s personally meaningful and happy to others. Thank, you, friends! (And thanks for letting me repeat myself, lol!)

To my friends who are not of my faith, I absolutely love you too! Thanks for interacting with my daily #GiveThanks posts as I followed the counsel of my church leader, President Nelson, to flood the earth with gratitude. I have also enjoyed seeing your posts about things you’re grateful for and that are meaningful to you as we approached the Thanksgiving holiday.

You all mean the world to me, and I’m so grateful to have such great friends from so many backgrounds and perspectives. You have all impacted me for good, more than you know. Happy Sabbath!