My Virtual LTUE 2021 Schedule

I’m excited to announce that I will be participating on panels for Life, The Universe, and Everything (LTUE) 2021, happening virtually February 11-13. You can find out more information about the symposium here at


9 AM | Channel: U LeGuin

Lovecraftian Horror

Horror is not always about gore and shock. Some horror focuses on cosmic, unknowable forces that are too large to combat. Let’s explore the horror subgenre created, refined, and made famous by HP Lovecraft.
Panelists: Ryan Decaria (moderator), Eric Swedin, Sarah E. Seeley, Stephen Gashler

12 PM | Channel: JRR Tolkien

Living Where the Sun Don’t Shine: Life in Caves, Spaceships, or Pluto

Caves, spaceships, undersea domes, and planets far from stars all have the same problem: they have no natural light source. How do settlers live in such dreary places?
Panelists: Shannon Babb (moderator), JL Curtis, Nicholas P. Adams, Sarah E. Seeley

3 PM | Channel: U LeGuin

Science Fiction: The Lines between Hard and Soft

Science fiction seems to have its own split between hard and soft. We discuss the possible lines between these and how they differ. Is one better than the other? Come find out.
Panelists: Charlie Pulsipher (moderator), Emily Martha Sorensen, Jason Fuesting, JL Curtis, Melinda M. Snodgrass, Sarah E. Seeley

5 PM | Channel: JRR Tolkien

Losing My Religion: Realistic Portrayals of Crises of Faith

Every person has fundamental beliefs about the world, and sometimes those beliefs are challenged. What makes facing these challenges so difficult? How does facing such challenges change a person?
Panelists: Dr. John K. Lundwall (moderator), Ben Pistorius, J. M. Anjewierden, Michaelbrent Collings, Sarah E. Seeley

6 PM | Channel: U LeGuin
Your Favorite Author Recommends

Have you ever wondered what books your favorite authors are reading? Come find out their recommendations and learn what inspires the works you love.
Panelists: Holli Anderson (moderator), Alaya Dawn Johnson, Charlie N. Holmberg, Jessica Day George, M. Todd Gallowglas, Sarah E. Seeley

7 PM | Channel: JRR Tolkien

Miner Concerns: The Art of Extracting Resources from Rock
Mining has been fundamental for centuries for getting the fuel and materials needed to build cities and equip armies. When did mining start, and how have mines evolved over the centuries with the discovery of new materials?
Panelists: Scott E. Tarbet (moderator), Sarah E. Seeley, Shannon Babb


11 AM | Channel: U LeGuin

The Evolution of Science Fiction
Where did science fiction begin and how has it evolved to get to this point? Science fiction has a great past and a wonderful future. Come explore what it is and what it will become.
Panelists: Johnny Worthen (moderator), Beth Buck, Brad R. Torgersen, Eric Swedin, Sarah E. Seeley

1 PM | Channel: CS Lewis

Domesticity in Fantastic Settings
Establishing “normal” in an unreal setting.
Panelists: Drea Gryphon (moderator), C. R. Rowenson (Clark), Emma Preston, James Jakins, Keith Haus, Sarah E. Seeley

4 PM | Channel: U LeGuin

Romance and Horror: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Romance and horror seem to manipulate a lot of the same emotions and depend on many of the same stakes. Some books exemplify this connection better than others. Join us as we discuss the themes, emotions, and stakes that link these two amazing genres.
Panelists: Elizabeth Suggs (moderator), Courtney Alameda, Laya V. Smith, Miranda Renae, Sarah E. Seeley