Talk Gem: True Greatness

I’m not always sure what I want to share on this blog. Rather than posting something I’ve created, today I merely want to share some gems that have made my week brighter. I found this lovely talk by President Hunter during my YouTube surfing this week. Concerns about success, achievement, and the perceptions of others in the ways we wish for are things we all struggle with to some degree, I think. It’s easy to compare ourselves to others, to feel disheartened when we think we aren’t progressing toward goals despite our best efforts, or to misunderstand what success is and means in our lives.

This talk is partially aimed at a BYU student audience from decades ago, but it’s lovely for a Sunday. I found this talk comforting in my own life space as I’ve been preparing—and stressing—for my first year progress review for my PhD, coming up at the end of the month. I love the reminder that our true greatness comes from the small and steady things we do each day (which are not always seen) to nurture and lift others as well as to improve ourselves and our talents so we can use our abilities for good.

What is True Greatness? Howard W. Hunter, 1987:

As a bonus for my academic friends out there who need encouragement like I do, here is a shorter thought from Russel M. Nelson about making sacrifices and efforts for learning:

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