Macho Sprouts at Nandos

I’m a youth leader in our local LDS congregation, and tonight we took the kids to Nandos, which is a great restaurant the serves spicy food. I feel spoiled, ha! I’ve also decided I’m a big fan of “macho” sprouts–shredded Brussel sprouts with parsley, mint and tiny bits of chili. 🙂

My mom was recently diagnosed with the early stages of breast cancer. She went in for surgery today, an ocean away. The procedure went well, but they found a few more lumps under her arm and removed those too. She may need a little more intense chemo than she was hoping for, but so far so good.

She and I are both fans of Brussel sprouts, so it was fun to share this picture with her. 🙂

Have a peaceful evening. ❤