About Redneck Eldritch

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Redneck Eldritch

And with strange aeons, Even Death may take a dirt nap…

From the publisher of the SPACE ELDRITCH comes a flavor of cosmic horror that’s much closer to home!

Sometimes amusing, sometimes horrifying, always unsettling, sixteen authors bring you sixteen tales of white trash meeting dark gods, the yellowed bones of antiquity, and colors that can’t be named.

Including Writers of the Future winner and Hugo/Nebula/Campbell nominee Brad R. Torgersen, Writers of the Future winner Robert J Defendi, Hugo nominee Steve Diamond, and many more!

“Mine of the Damned Gods” by Sarah E. Seeley is a redneck-Lovecraftian retelling of Oedipus Rex.

Read a sample of Sarah’s story here: http://coldfusionmedia.us/redneck-eldritch-sneak-peek-mine-of-the-damned-gods-by-sarah-e-seeley/.

Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 0692692916

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