Domestic Cellectric

Why do I have a music channel on YouTube?

1) Making music and experimenting with recording software is fun.
2) The world is a crazy place, and could use more peaceful pockets to visit.
3) Because why not?

In my About section I talk about my music minor and experience doing a science internship making background music for educational clips. I love the idea of music that is designed to accompany a multimedia project or even an educational video. I’ve also honestly been a bit sad that the music I once created may not have been heard, and did not go on to inspire wonder and excitement for science in young learners like I had hoped in the past. While this music channel is more of an experiment at the moment, I’m interested in using this space to explore creating both videos of myself playing (i.e., multiple parts) and background audio with (and without) video.

Being an archaeologist who has traveled and made camping setups my temporary home from time to time, I love that “home” is a place we return to for refuge. I also think that home is something we can take with us, create, or build wherever we go. Part of the goal of this music channel is to also create an uncomplicated, peaceful space for others to visit. Hence, “Domestic Cellectric…” (though I may change this name later…we’ll see if it sticks :).

Like my fiction and blogging activities, I complete music projects at my own pace. Hoping to share some fun vibes and background moods to brighten your day. Enjoy!

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