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When I was an undergrad, I played cello in BYU’s Symphony Orchestra for three years and obtained a music minor. I also took part in a NASA BEST Student Multimedia Internship through UMBC making background music for educational clips about NASA’s then-plans to return to the moon as part of a student team. I’m not sure what happened to those clips I created for the project, unfortunately…but some interesting people paid me to organize cool sounds on my computer. Here are a couple of portfolio clips from that project:

Lunar Pondering (Living on the Moon Project, 2008)
I Wonder (Living on the Moon Project, 2008)

Just for fun, here is an experimental clip I created inspired by my first completed novel, which had post-apocalyptic themes and shall remain unpublished:

Global Famine (music inspired by a novel I was writing in 2011)

I’m using this space on YouTube to play around with recording my electric cello (i.e., multiple parts put together) and creating background audio for various personal applications. Part of the goal of this music channel is to also create an uncomplicated, peaceful space for others to visit.

Like my fiction and blogging activities, I complete music projects at my own pace. Hoping to share some fun vibes and background moods to brighten your day. Enjoy!

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